We build custom mobile applications for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

Small and Mid-Sized Apps

We provide a fixed-price rate for small and mid-sized apps.

Small Custom App $149 Includes up to 20 hours of work BUY NOW
Mid-Sized Custom App $349 Includes up to 50 hours of work BUY NOW

You are not locked in to your project specifications - that is, you can adjust your specifications during the development process.

Both mobile app developers and graphic designers are available to carry out work on your app during the allotted time limit.

Simply place your order, upload your instructions into our customer center and we will then commence work promptly.

Larger Apps

For larger apps, access our best prices by hiring a dedicated developer for a week or more. The developer works exclusively for you during the period you have paid for. Assign as much work as you wish and the developer will work hard to complete as much work as possible within the available time. Developers are available for as little as $5.19 per hour.



Further Information

Why Us?

We are an established outsourcing provider with robust infrastructure, qualified staff and truly unbeatable prices.


Our first-class premises have robust and reliable infrastructure including full backup power, uninterruptable power supply, redundant ISP connections and more.